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It’s the Law in New Jersey: Clear Snow and Ice from Your Car or Risk Getting Ticketed and Sued

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It’s the Law in New Jersey: Clear Snow and Ice from Your Car or Risk Getting Ticketed and Sued

January 28, 2016

NJ law requires anyone who drives on the roadway to remove snow and ice from their vehicle. New Jersey police officers are particularly likely to enforce the law right now in the aftermath of the recent blizzard.

Anyone who fails to clear off snow and ice from their car before driving is at risk of being ticketed. The fines that come with these traffic tickets can be significant, especially if snow or ice flies off your vehicle and hits another car or a person. Although the fines on the low end of the spectrum range from just $25 to $75, the fine for the more serious violation of causing property damage or injury to someone else can go all the way up to $1,000.

Worse yet, you could be exposed for even greater amounts of money, as well as civil penalties, if you are deemed responsible for causing a serious auto accident. Depending on how fast you happen to be traveling and how much snow and/or ice has accumulated on your roof and hood, you could be subject to a personal injury lawsuit for causing a car accident.

The best way to avoid an auto accident in the winter is to take certain precautions both before you hit the road and while driving. The New Jersey State Division of Highway Traffic Safety recently offered a list of “winter driving tips” for NJ drivers:

  • Don’t drive too fast, particularly as road conditions get worse during inclement weather.
  • Make sure your headlights are turned on when traveling in snow.
  • Don’t follow too closely behind other cars.
  • Make sure that snowplows have the space they need to clear snow from the roadway.
  • Decelerate prior to exiting the highway because exit ramps can be extremely dangerous, especially during the winter when ice accumulates on the ramp.

For more information about the safety risks of failing to remove snow and ice from your vehicle, access the New Jersey Highway Traffic Safety website.


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