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Injuries Resulting From Chemical Exposure

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Injuries Resulting From Chemical Exposure

May 18, 2017


Harsh chemicals, regardless of the form they’re in, can be extremely detrimental. According to statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, thousands of people are injured by exposure to chemicals in the workplace every year. In fact, more than ten percent of occupational deaths are caused by chemical exposure. Chemical exposure and its effects on the body are often discovered much later as the injuries happen over time. Below are common injuries resulting from chemical exposure.

Eye Damage

Because the eyes are among the the most sensitive parts of the body, they are often the first to be exposed to harmful, damaging chemicals. In fact, as many as 30 percent of of chemical exposure injuries affect the eyes. This could be retinal damage, damage of the outer layer of the eye, and burns that sink through to the deeper core of the eyes. Injuries could cause irritation, temporary, and in some cases, permanent damage.


Harmful chemicals can come in the form of mist, vapor, and smoke, which could be inadvertently ingested simply by breathing. These harmful chemicals can nest in the lungs and lead to permanent lung damage by way of kung cancer, COPD, bronchitis, chemically induced asthma, and more.

Bodily Injuries

Beyond ingestion, the body can physically be damaged as a result of exposure to chemicals over time. Be it by direct contact with splashing, atmospheric contact through fog or mist or anything else, the body can experience severe injury. Common bodily injuries are acid burns, cancer, anemia, skin damage, bone damage and more.

Common illnesses related to chemical exposure are:

·       Parkinson’s Disease

·       Silicosis

·       Hodgkin’s Disease

·       Mesothelioma

·       Asbestosis

·       Cancer

Beyond the workplace, chemical exposure injuries could be a result of common household cleaning products and corrosive structural fixtures in the home, like asbestos. Chemical exposure injures can be devastating and can even result in death. Treating the injuries can also be prohibitively expensive.


If you or a loved one has been exposed to chemicals, be it in the home or workplace and have suffered injuries as a result, contact a lawyer who could help. Contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa, & Casazza P.C. today to schedule a case consultation by phone or online today.

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