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How Can a Birth Injury Occur?

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How Can a Birth Injury Occur?

May 4, 2017


Birth injuries are among the most devastating effects a child and mother can endure. A life has barely begun when some form of negligence takes place and compromises a child’s life forever. Tragically, birth injuries could and should be avoided, but that is not always the case. Below are some of the main reasons birth injuries occur:

Improper Dosage

During the birth process, it is extremely common for the mother to opt for anesthetics to ease the process. However, this is a common place for error on the part of the medical professionals who oversee and who are directly involved in the process. The improper dosage of an anesthetic or the incorrect medication being used could have a severe effect on the child or could make the delivery difficult resulting in more room for error.

Failure to Plan

In some cases, a child will need to be delivered using an alternative method, such as a C-section. These procedures are very common, but require planning before carried out. When this form of delivery is not planned ahead, the child’s health could be compromised, resulting in brain injuries that could lead to cognitive and physical disabilities.

Rough Delivery

It is not uncommon for a child to become trapped in the birth canal. A medical professional will then resort to delivering the child with additional tools, such as forceps or a vacuum system. If the wrong tool is used or if it is used with excessive force, the child could sustain bruising, brain, or even nerve damage. These birth injuries are often the result of excessive or panicked force in the heat of the moment.

Improper Handling

Birth injuries often occur as a result of improper handling, even when tools are not present. A medical professional will try to deliver the child manually through a swollen or narrow birth canal and in the process, squeeze a child’s head or shoulders. This can lead to nerve and brain damage that could permanently harm the child. Though these should be easy to treat, the symptoms are often not detected until well after birth.

People put their trust in medical professionals to carefully plan and handle the delivery of a child. When they fail, the results can be costly and devastating.


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