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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

August 8, 2017

New Jersey criminal defense lawyer

You’ve been accused of a crime, but you hesitate for one reason or another to hire a criminal defense lawyer.  You may think that since you’re innocent and that will see you through the legal battle ahead.  You may worry that getting a lawyer shows that you’re guilty, whether you are or not.  There are any number of reasons as to why you may hesitate, but there are three very good reasons as to why you should hire a criminal defense lawyer to be on your side.

Adversarial System

The criminal justice system was built to be an adversarial system with one side representing the victim and the other side representing the accused.  Getting a criminal defense lawyer will help you navigate this system.  The prosecutor and police officers involved in your case are not on your side, but your lawyer will be.  They can teach you about what’s expected of you if you’ve been charged with a crime. They will help protect your rights.

Find the Loopholes

Finding the loopholes doesn’t sound like a positive, but it’s what your defense lawyer will need to do.  A prosecutor will create their version of the evidence, and it’s up to your defense lawyer to point out why this version is not correct.  They are there to provide you with the best defense possible.

Deals and Negotiations

Having a lawyer on your side during a criminal investigation can help you with the negotiation and deals that are a part of the criminal justice system.  A defense lawyer is there to let you know what your options are, and how each one can impact your future.  They can help to get charges reduced, decrease your potential sentence, or even help you get an alternative sentence, such as going to rehabilitation for substance abuse.

If you’ve been accused of the crime, don’t wait to contact a defense lawyer.  Contact the law firm of Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa, & Casazza right away to protect your rights.

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