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Halloween is All Fun and Sweets – Until Someone Gets Hurt

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Halloween is All Fun and Sweets – Until Someone Gets Hurt

October 23, 2015

If your children are like anyone else’s you’ve already bought their Halloween costumes, have been pestered incessantly about going to buy them, or you are getting crafty and getting ready to sew and glue your heart out.

It’s all in the name of good fun and, of course, yummy treats! Until someone trips on a costume or eats something they are allergic to or — worse!  — gets hit by a car because they weren’t visible in the dark night.

This holiday season, don’t let that “someone” be your child! Follow some safety tips — think SAFE HALLOWEEN — put out by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to ensure that Halloween turns out to be exactly what everybody hopes for—a ghoulishly delicious good time.

Soft, short and flexible costume accessories like swords and knives are important

Avoid going out to trick or treat alone. Stay with your kids or send the in groups.

Fasten something to the costume and bags that reflects light to allow driveres to see trick or treaters. A good example is reflective tape.

Examine all candy your kids bring home — not only to check for tampering but to make sure treats are appropriate for your child (choking hazards abound!)

Hold a flashlight while outside in the dark. Trick-or-treaters need to think safety first. Make sure people can see you. And, don’t run around — walk from door to door.

All makeup should be tested before trick or treating time. Allergic reaction will make for a horrible Halloween.

Look both ways should be going through kids’ heads before they cross the street. Accidents happen. Don’t allow your child to be a victim.

Lower risk for serious injuries by making sure your kids can see through masks. Safety is far more important than the costume.

Only walk on sidewalks and stay away from the roadway when possible. Tell you kids to do one side of the street and then the other. Don’t run back and forth across the street.

When other kids are more focused on candy than safety, your kids may follow suit. Make sure they know your rules for safety.

Eat only factory-wrapped treats and make sure your kids know to avoid eating anything from anyone they don’t know well — until you’re able to sort through it.

Enter houses only when kids know the people who live there. Stranger Danger rules apply on Halloween!

Never approach dark houses and walk around lit candles —  even if they are part of cool decorations. Dress kids in flame resistant costumes.

If your child does get injured on Halloween, please contact the personal injury lawyers at Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza PC. We will fight to hold the negligent person responsible for the accident and get the damages your family needs, wants and deserves.

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