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Girl Dies in Electric Shock Drowning Accident

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Girl Dies in Electric Shock Drowning Accident

June 2, 2016

A high school girl tragically drowned after an electric shock accident at Lewis Smith Lake in Alabama.

Although this fatal accident occurred in Alabama, it is something that many residents of New Jersey will probably want to pay attention to – especially as they start heading to local pools, lakes and beaches during the summer.

Electric Shock Drowning Accidents Can Be Deadly

The most recent fatal accident involving electric shocks occurred on April 16, 2016 while the victim, 15-year-old Carmen Johnson, was swimming in the water near a boat dock at a popular Alabama lake.

Carmen’s parents, Jimmy Johnson and Casey Johnson, as well as her brother, Zach, were also at the lake when they noticed that Carmen was suddenly struggling to stay above water.

It turned out that Carmen was electrocuted while she swam. According to Carmen’s parents, the problem can be traced to rusty electrical work in a backyard dock, which caused electrical currents to flow through the water and temporarily paralyzed Carmen as she swam in the lake.

When Jimmy, Carmen’s dad, saw that she was struggling to keep her head above the water, he assumed that something was pulled her downward. Jimmy jumped into the lake, as did Carmen’s brother Zach, but they were both shocked as well and nearly died in the process of trying to save Carmen.

Jimmy Johnson later said that he would have been able to save his daughter “if it would have been anything but electrocution in the water.” Zach Johnson said that it felt as though his arms and legs were asleep and that the electrical current made it impossible for him to swim or even move any part of his body.

The only thing that saved Carmen’s father and brother from dying in the water was the quick thinking of Carmen’s mom. Casey Johnson saw what was happening and turned off the power switch. Although Jimmy, Zach and another person in the water suffered minor injuries, they all survived the electrical shock incident. Tragically, Carmen was not so lucky.

Today, Carmen Johnson is being remembered as a person who loved life and who enjoyed spending time with family and friends – particularly at the lake.

Carmen’s parents hope that by drawing attention to the tragedy that resulted in Carmen’s death, they will make it less likely that this sort of terrible accident happens in the future. One thing that the Johnsons deeply regret is that they never had the electric line at their residence inspected – but this is not something that was required by local laws. Maybe that will change as state lawmakers in Alabama, New Jersey and elsewhere realize just how dangerous electricity in the water can be.

For more information, read the Yahoo.com article, “Grieving Parents Warn against the Dangers of Lake Electricity after Daughter Is Killed.”


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