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Fatal Alligator Attack in Florida May Expose Disney to Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Fatal Alligator Attack in Florida May Expose Disney to Wrongful Death Lawsuit

June 28, 2016

A family is still reeling in the aftermath of a fatal alligator attack in Orlando, Florida. The attack occurred at the Seven Sea Lagoon in Walt Disney World, where the two-year-old victim and his family were vacationing.

The tragic incident garnered national news coverage, perhaps in part because it happened so soon after the tragic mass shooting at an Orlando FL nightclub and focused attention on that part of the country.

The victim’s parents tried to rescue him, but they were unable to do anything to stave off the fatal alligator attack.

Rescue crews searched the water for several hours and eventually recovered the boy’s body just 15 feet from where the alligator attack initially occurred. Although medical examiners will still need to conduct an autopsy on the victim, it is believed that he died as a result of drowning and was then left in the water by the alligator. Initial reports indicate that the victim suffered only a few puncture wounds during the attack, lending further credence to the belief that he died due to drowning.

Now Disney is trying to ensure that this sort of alligator attack does not pose a safety risk to other visitors to the theme park. It’s also possible that Disney is preparing for a multimillion-dollar personal injury lawsuit.

A spokesperson for Walt Disney World spoke at a press conference and tried to address the concerns that the theme park has not done enough to ensure that visitors are safe. The Disney spokesperson said that they are fully cooperating with Florida Fish and Wildlife on the investigation into the tragic killing. Moreover, noted the spokesperson, Disney is taking measures to protect visitors against this kind of danger in the future.

Regardless of the company’s motives, it is imperative that Disney takes reasonable measures to keep visitors free from dangers because approximately one-third of the Walt Disney World theme park is considered a dedicated wildlife conservation spot. As a result, the owners and operators of Disney World surely must be aware of the risks that are posed to site visitor.

This concern about possible liability, including a potential wrongful death claim, might explain why Disney immediately closed all of the beaches on its resort property after the alligator attack.

For additional information, read TheWrap.com article, “Disney Gator Attack: Sheriff Says Criminal Charges against Parents Unlikely.”


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