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Do They Have You on Camera? You’re Going to Need a Lawyer

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Do They Have You on Camera? You’re Going to Need a Lawyer

August 10, 2015

In an age where people can capture all of life’s events, good and bad, with a click of their cell phone, there are more and more crimes being caught on camera. If you’re caught on tape in the commission of a crime, whether it’s theft, assault, vandalism or anything else, it may seem as though there’s no point in even going to trial. The reality is, however, that an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney may be able to help you overcome the seemingly damning evidence on that tape so you can have your day in court and move on with your life.

Context Is Everything
Even when they have you on video, the video may not tell the whole story. The right attorney can raise no end of questions regarding the tape’s validity and context: What happened prior to the incident? Was it self-defense? Can we really trust the integrity and quality of the video? Was the video doctored in any way? They can also introduce these kinds of questions if you’ve been caught on audio tape. The point is, things may not be as bad as you think.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Even if you have been unfortunate enough to have a possible crime documented, and it ends up resulting in your conviction, the right attorney can help you argue for leniency during the sentencing phase. The right lawyer can mean the difference between years in prison and probation, depending upon the nature and circumstances of the crime.

This is no time to rely on an inexperienced attorney. If you’ve been caught on tape or video allegedly committing a crime, you’re already starting out at a disadvantage; let the right lawyer help you even the score and give you the quality defense you need.

At Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza, we can help you understand the different defenses that may be appropriate in your particular situation. For more information on our law firm and how you can contact us to discuss your case, you can visit our webpage on defense of violent crimes in New Jersey.

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