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Did Justin Bieber Try To Rob A Fan?

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Did Justin Bieber Try To Rob A Fan?

May 16, 2014

Anyone who follows our blog knows that we don’t typically cover celebrity stories, but we thought a recent report of Justin Bieber being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department deserved some discussion. After all, there a number of Bieber fans in Ocean County who are likely wondering why the 20-year-old singer is being investigated for attempted robbery.

It seems that the young man was out at a miniature golf course and batting cage park when presumably a fan and her daughter started taking pictures of him. Though Bieber likely understands that fans taking pictures of him is an exchange for being as famous as he is, he does not always have to like it. Moreover, there is a huge difference between someone asking and receiving permission to take a picture with a celebrity than just taking pictures without permission or to the annoyance of the star.

It is not entirely clear whether Bieber asked the mother and daughter to stop filming him, but he apparently was not pleased that they were infringing upon his free time. According to police, the singer took the woman’s phone and yelled at the mother and daughter.

While police have not made any arrests, a spokesperson has confirmed that Bieber is under investigation. It is not entirely clear if Bieber’s alleged actions meet the requirements of attempted robbery, but it does go to show that individuals in New Jersey could potentially become suspects in a crime if they try to protect their privacy by taking a stranger’s phone or camera.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, “Justin Bieber Investigated by LAPD for Attempted Robbery,” Debbie Emery, May 13, 2014

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