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Deadly Ohio Accident Leads to Shutdown of Ride at New Jersey Fair

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Deadly Ohio Accident Leads to Shutdown of Ride at New Jersey Fair

September 7, 2017

Ohio Amusement Park Ride Causes Death

The Monmouth County Fair was a popular attraction this summer in New Jersey, as it has been for years. However, one ride was shut down after a sudden accident with the same ride at the Ohio State Fair killed one rider and severely injured seven others.

The ride, known as the “Wild Claw,” was taken out of service by its operator after reports from the Ohio accident indicated that the ride at the Monmouth County Fair was built in a very similar fashion to the defective Ohio ride.

The Ohio ride malfunctioned on the state fair’s opening day. Video from the event shows the ride appearing to hit something on the ground, which bounced part of the ride and the people in it into the air. Two people were thrown from the ride during the accident; an 18 year old U.S. Marine was killed and seven other people were injured.

Although the ride was examined before it was put into use, the defect that caused the accident was not identified at the time. Placing the ride at the Monmouth County Fair out of service is one way to help protect New Jersey riders from experiencing a similar accident. The ride will stay out of service until the cause of the Ohio accident is identified and any hidden defects in the New Jersey ride are repaired.

Accidents at amusement parks can easily result from hidden defects in a ride, safety equipment, and other items. In some cases, it is impossible to identify the defect until after an accident occurs. That’s why manufacturers, designers, and operators of amusement park rides have a duty to provide rides that are reasonably safe for their intended use.

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