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Cops Make 4th Arrest In Shooting That Killed Grandmother, Wounded Girl

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Cops Make 4th Arrest In Shooting That Killed Grandmother, Wounded Girl

December 12, 2017


Earlier this month, a tragic shooting wounded a juvenile and killed a 58-year-old woman. The grandmother was sadly murdered in front of her home, and investigators believe that the two victims were both innocent bystanders injured by the gunfire. This past week, detectives made an arrest in the case and charged the individual with both murder and attempted murder among other offenses. The suspect has a lengthy criminal record involving multiple crimes like drug offenses. Investigators have also arrested three juveniles for their involvement in the shooting. While they are all facing murder and attempted murder charges, prosecutors have not discussed the extent of the juvenile’s involvement.

When you or your child have been charged with such a serious crime, it is imperative to hire quality legal representation to protect your rights. Gun crimes are taken extremely seriously by the state of New Jersey, and prosecutors can attempt to have your child tried in adult court with adult consequences for their actions, while you as an adult could be facing serious penalties, such as life in prison. At Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa and Casazza, we understand how scary and overwhelming such charges are for the entire family. We will fight aggressively to keep you or your juvenile out of adult court.

Let our firm’s forty years of experience be an advantage to you in court. One of our experts, attorney Michael J. Pappa, started his career as a prosecutor in the juvenile division. His in-depth understanding of the juvenile justice system helps our firm build the strongest possible cases for children charged with serious crimes. Prosecutors are likely to push for adult penalties for crimes involving guns, and gun convictions can restrict future freedoms and opportunities for your juvenile. Never let the police gather a statement from your child until you’ve spoken to an experienced juvenile defense attorney first. The law offices of Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa, and Casazza can be reached at 732-264-4400 or via our online contact form.


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