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Prosecutor to Probe Carteret Cop’s Use-of-Force History in Assault Case

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Prosecutor to Probe Carteret Cop’s Use-of-Force History in Assault Case

November 16, 2017


Sweeping efforts are being made across the country to correct potential civil rights abuses by police officers, and New Jersey is following suit. Recently, the NJ Advance Media published an extensive independent investigation into one officer’s continuous use of unwarranted force during his 23 months as a police officer. While the viral story claims experts described the officer’s use of force as excessive, the officer’s attorney argues that the story lacks context, is disingenuous at best and overall “shameful”.

The officer in question is currently under investigation and faces charges of official misconduct and assault during the arrest of a 16-year-old juvenile. The teenager had stolen his parent’s car and led the officer on a police chase. Dashcam videos have surfaced which show the officer on top of the teen, punching them for over a minute. The defense argues that the juvenile sustained injuries consistent with assault and not stemming from the motor vehicle crash. Additionally, the independent investigation by NJ Advance Media points to over 24 incidents of excessive use of force by this same officer. After the article was published, the prosecutor’s office has decided to review the officer’s past history of use-of-force as well as examine the entire Carteret department’s training policies.

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