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Amber Heard Files for Divorce, Seeks Restraining Order against Johnny Depp

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Amber Heard Files for Divorce, Seeks Restraining Order against Johnny Depp

June 8, 2016

Amber Heard, the Hollywood actress who married Johnny Depp 15 months ago, recently obtained a restraining order against the mega-star. Depp allegedly assaulted Heard and caused serious physical injuries, prompting Heard to seek the restraining order and file for divorce in Los Angeles.

When Heard arrived at a Los Angeles courtroom for the TRO hearing, a bruise was visible on her face, near her eye. Heard alleged that Depp got angry with her a few nights earlier and hit her with an iPhone, resulting in the noticeable injury. At the hearing, Heard’s attorney presented photographs that showed a number of bruises on Heard’s face and body.

Heard went even further and claimed that this was not the first time Depp has assaulted her. Heard said that she has video evidence to confirm that Depp attacked her on prior occasions. Moreover, Heard alleged that she has text messages to prove that Depp himself acknowledged having committed domestic violence against Heard in the past.

Judge Grants Restraining Order against Johnny Depp

With a judge granting the TRO against Depp, the A-list Hollywood actor will be required to remain at least 100 yards away from his wife. The situation will be reevaluated at a hearing in July, at which point the judge will determine whether a permanent restraining order needs to be issued.

It is worth noting that the judge in the case rejected Heard’s request to prevent Depp from seeing the couple’s dogs. The judge said that Heard had not provided evidence to suggest that the dogs needed to be protected from Depp. The couple’s two dogs actually made the headlines recently when Heard was caught illegally smuggling the animals into Australia, where she was visiting Depp while he filmed a movie.

While the divorce proceedings remain pending, Heard will be allowed to continue living in the couple’s Hollywood home. Since Depp has a restraining order against him, he will not be able to set foot on the property – at least for the time being.

Depp has already released a statement in which he slams Heard for concocting a domestic violence story and working to spread “misinformation and lies” about him. Depp also pointedly noted that his marriage to Heard was “short.”

For more information about this high-profile case, view the Yahoo.com article, “Amber Heard Claims Domestic Violence, Granted Temporary Restraining Order against Johnny Depp.”


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