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Accused Of A Violent Crime? Know Your Legal Rights

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Accused Of A Violent Crime? Know Your Legal Rights

March 2, 2015

If you have been involved in a physical altercation or have been accused of a violent crime, you could be in some very serious trouble. Violent acts, whether committed on their own or in connection to another crime, are prosecuted very aggressively and can result in some of the harshest penalties if you are convicted.

This is why it can be so crucial to have legal representation if you have been arrested for battery, manslaughter, domestic violence, armed robbery, sexual assault or other type of violent offense. You need to take this situation very seriously and take advantage of your right to speak with an attorney to defend yourself.

Violent altercations often involve several different sides of the story. The alleged victim may have one story while the alleged offender may remember the situation very differently. Often, there are also witnesses to an altercation who may have a completely different opinion on what may have happened. Rarely are all these stories the same.

You have the same right to present your side of the story as the alleged victim, and you can do this by working with an attorney to defend yourself in court. At Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Casazza, we can help you understand the different defenses that may be appropriate in your particular situation.

In some situations, we may argue that a violent incident was the result of self-defense. In others, it may be more appropriate to argue that an alleged victim is lying or that you have been wrongly identified as an attacker. A defense must be built only after considering all the details of your case and hearing your side of the story.

For more information on our law firm and how you can contact us to discuss your case, you can visit our webpage on defense of violent crimes in New Jersey.

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