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Accident Victim Suffering Permanent Back Pain Awarded $525,000

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Accident Victim Suffering Permanent Back Pain Awarded $525,000

November 28, 2017


One 68-year-old gentleman’s life was changed forever when he was rear-ended at a stop light and pushed over twenty feet into an intersection. The gentleman’s vehicle was damaged, and he was severely injured in his neck and back. The victim described a neck injury that produced both numbness and shooting pains down his arms. According to the victim’s doctors, he also suffered a back-disc herniation which is a permanent injury. The herniation impacts his spinal nerves and spinal cord, and doctors recommended a prosthetic bone graft procedure that could potentially reduce the victim’s severe pain and numbness.

The gentleman’s procedure was successful, but he continues to suffer from neck and lower back pain. Thankfully, he decided to get legal representation and seek compensation for his injuries in court. In cooperation with his surgeons, his attorney created a drawing that detailed the location of his injuries, the removal process, and areas of continued pain. These reconstructions helped the court to understand the severity and complexity of the plaintiff’s personal injury case. It also helped the court understand why the injuries continue to impact his daily life despite the relief from his procedure. Ultimately, the gentleman was awarded a $525,000 settlement for his permanent back pain personal injury case.

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