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Category Archives: Workers’ Compensation

Getting What You Deserve From Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Sustaining a workplace injury can be taxing and definitely takes a toll on you both physically and financially. That is why it is important to file a workers’ compensation claim and then do your best to make sure the settlement you get is the one you deserve. For starters, plenty of workers’ compensation claims get… […]

Injuries Resulting From Chemical Exposure

Harsh chemicals, regardless of the form they’re in, can be extremely detrimental. According to statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, thousands of people are injured by exposure to chemicals in the workplace every year. In fact, more than ten percent of occupational deaths are caused by chemical exposure. Chemical exposure and its effects on… […]

Top 5 Most Hazardous Occupations

Work-related injuries are a fact of life for many employees in a variety of industries. Despite the dangers posed by certain types of work, people still need to earn a living. Moreover, many workers provide valuable, necessary services to the community and generally make the world a better place for others. That’s why people will… […]

I’m Out on Workers’ Comp but My Boss is Trying to Make Me Come Back to Work

After you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, whether you were hurt on a construction site, involved in a warehouse or factory mishap or involved in an accident while driving a company car, you have a right to file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Through the Workers’ Comp system, you are entitled to medical benefits, replacement… […]

Workers’ Compensation and the Virtual Employee

There was a time when work-life balance wasn’t even an afterthought. You went to work everyday, you did your job and you came home. Period. Your boss didn’t think twice about your ability to juggle your personal life along with work duties. He or she only cared about your time in the office and the… […]

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