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Category Archives: Violent Crimes

Was Bias Behind Decision To Charge Transgender Teen?

If someone is charged with a crime in Neptune, it should not be because of who he or she is, but because of what he or she did. If the defendant did not do what he or she was charged with, he or she should be acquitted (although this is not always the case). If… […]

The Government Allowed Even More Sanctioned Crimes In 2012

As we enter the new year, statisticians will be crunching the numbers on crimes in New Jersey and across the country. Once calculated, policy makers, police and others will attempt to use those numbers to make a point, pass legislation or influence governmental activity. One number that will need to be crunched is the number… […]

Athlete Cites Self-Defense In Assault Case, Found Not Guilty

When a person is caught in the heat of the moment, he or she may have a momentary slip of judgment. Although this can happen to almost anyone, the unfortunate reality is that legal trouble can emerge from these incidents. This seems to be what happened to Bengals football player Adam “Pacman” Jones. According to… […]

The Difference Between Juvenile And Adult Sentencing

When someone is convicted of a serious and violent crime in New Jersey, he or she may be looking at life in prison. Some sentences will even expressly prohibit an offender from the possibility of parole, meaning that the sentence he or she receives is the sentence he or she will serve. Even for those… […]

Proposed New Jersey Law Will Restrict Bail for Violent Offenders

The law in New Jersey regarding bail for defendants arrested for a violent crime may change. Governor, Chris Christie, is advocating for a bill to be passed in the state legislature that would give judges in New Jersey the ability to deny bail to a defendant charged with a violent crime and who poses a… […]

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