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Category Archives: Violent Crimes

Assault Video May Seem Damning, But It Is Not The Whole Story

If you were watching the Jets-Bills game Sunday, you might have been as intrigued by an event that took place in the stands as you were in what happened on the field. As has been widely reported on and elsewhere, there was a bit of a dust-up between two fans from the opposing teams.… […]

Could Sayreville Hazing Suspects Be Charged As Adults?

This is a question that likely is on the minds of a lot of people right now — not only in Sayreville and greater New Jersey, but across the nation. It’s a legitimate question to be considering. We know that the issue is one that Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey is likely wrestling with. According… […]

In New Jersey, Time For The Crime Is A Matter Of Degree

When it comes to crime, the laws of the various states are somewhat similar. A crime such as murder is going to be understood much the same way in New Jersey as it is in any other state. But how a state defines criminal activity often differs slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This can result… […]

Prior Acquittal Prevents Future Homicide Conviction

Although many people in Monmouth County may realize that they are protected from double jeopardy, they may not know just what that means. For many people, the idea of double jeopardy means that if they are charged with one crime, say, homicide, and then acquitted, that they cannot later be charged and convicted of the… […]

Man Freed After Almost 10 Years In Jail For False Rape Charge

When someone is convicted of a crime in Holmdel, most people believe him or her to have committed the crime, despite statistics which show that a certain number of people will be wrongfully convicted of a crime every year. The more serious the charge, the more likely people will be to believe the conviction, as… […]

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