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Category Archives: Violent Crimes

Long Branch Man Arrested In Robbery, Fatal Shooting

A 29-year-old Long Branch man has been arrested and charged in connection with a fatal shooting and robbery. The man faces a litany of charges including murder, felony murder, robbery, possession of a firearm for unlawful purposes, and unlawful possession of a firearm resulting in death, according to reports. The judge in the case ordered… […]

Man Not ‘In His Right Mind’ Acquitted In Murder Trial

Reading about violent crimes including murder can make any person upset and saddened. However, the people living through these devastating events and have even been accused of being a part of a homicide can feel destroyed. Not only is something in this situation facing serious criminal penalties, but he or she can also be struggling… […]

Accused Of A Violent Crime? Know Your Legal Rights

If you have been involved in a physical altercation or have been accused of a violent crime, you could be in some very serious trouble. Violent acts, whether committed on their own or in connection to another crime, are prosecuted very aggressively and can result in some of the harshest penalties if you are convicted.… […]

How Can A Claim Of Self-Defense Be Challenged In Court?

Violent crimes can be among the most serious cases in which a person can be named. In many situations involving a physical altercation, there are multiple accounts of the event, heated emotions and potential catastrophic injuries which can all impact the charges a person can face. The first response many people have when they are… […]

Prosecutors Drop Assault Charge In Subway Fight

Self-defense is a term that people may understand intuitively. If someone is physically attacking us, we should be able to defend ourselves to the extent necessary to protect ourselves. Under New Jersey law, the right to self-defense generally arises when you reasonably believe that using force is necessary to protect yourself against another person’s unlawful… […]

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