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Category Archives: Product Liability

Major Health Concerns about Recent Frozen Food Recall Tied to Listeria Outbreak

US health officials are increasingly worried about a Listeria outbreak, necessitating a massive recall of frozen foods items. CRF Frozen Foods, a major distributor of frozen food products in North America, is recalling frozen meals that include as ingredients fruits and vegetables traced to a food processing plant in Washington. Consumer Health Placed in Jeopardy… […]

NJ Amusement Park Rides Pose Serious Injury Risks

New Jersey amusement parks are sites of significant personal injuries, especially during the summertime. The problem is not limited to New Jersey, of course. A recent incident in Texas highlighted the safety issues that are present at many amusement parks throughout the United States. Delbert Latham was with his son, Kaysen, on a family trip… […]

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