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Category Archives: Personal Injury

Middlesex County Dram Shop Case Ends in $2.05 Million Settlement

  The parties in a dram shop liability case have reached an agreement including a settlement of $2.05 million, to be shared between the two motorists who were injured when they were rear-ended by a drunk driver, according to the New Jersey Law Journal. When a person is injured by a drunk driver in New… […]

Why It’s Essential to Wear a Helmet When Bicycling

There are a number of reasons as to why it’s essential to wear a helmet when riding your bicycle. Safety The first is for your safety. In 2010, 800 bicyclists in the United States were killed, and about 515,000 people were injured in bicycle-related injuries that required them to seek medical care. Head injuries are… […]

Motorcycle and Deer Collide in Serious Accident

Most accidents where a deer is involved that you hear about are with a car, but a recent accident involved a motorcycle. In the very early hours of the morning on Friday, a deer ran out into the roadway right in front of a passing motorcycle. The driver and passenger were both thrown from the… […]

Questions You Should Always Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer

When you have a legal matter to deal with, hiring a lawyer can get you a better outcome for your case. Not only will they navigate the legal waters for you, but they can offer you advice and guidance on how to pursue your claim. Hiring the right lawyer for your case is a matter… […]

Two Men Severely Injured In Motorcycle Accident In Stafford

Two male motorcyclists were involved in a serious accident with a man driving a pickup truck in Stafford near the elementary school on Route 9. Both motorcyclists were transported for medical attention immediately after the crash occurred. The motorcyclists, both men, aged 23 and 27, were from Manahawkin and West Creek, respectively. One of the… […]

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