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Category Archives: Gun Charges

Tougher Gun Laws Could Significantly Reduce Gun Homicide Rates

Researchers in the United Kingdom recently published a study that is providing advocates of tougher gun laws with ammunition. Researchers took a look at gun death rates in the U.S. in 2009 and 2010, finding that stronger gun laws, like background checks and child access prevention rules, had a dramatic effect on the total number… […]

PA Corrections Officer Charged with Illegal Handgun Possession in New Jersey

A sergeant with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections was reportedly busted with a handgun in his car while driving on a New Jersey roadway. Although the man had a license to own and carry the gun in his home state, he was still arrested because his carry permit did not extend outside Pennsylvania. The 46-year-old… […]

California Gun Control Law Could Influence Gun Crime Laws in New Jersey

California recently implemented gun control legislation that allows law enforcement to take a person’s weapons in circumstances when public safety is an issue. The decision could have a ripple effect on gun laws throughout the country, including New Jersey. The stringent gun control law, which was signed into law by California Gov. Jerry Brown on… […]

Background Checks for Gun Purchases Surge in NJ

Ten years ago, the US government ran around 36,000 background checks for people who wanted to purchase guns in New Jersey. In the first 10 months of October, close to 70,000 background checks have been completed for NJ gun buyers. Gun laws are extremely strict in New Jersey. It’s because of that, some experts suggest,… […]

Gun Control Advocates Get Major Boost from the Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to hear a case involving a Chicago gun control law. The Court’s decision to opt out of hearing the case is a major victory for gun control advocates who are pushing for bans on assault weapons. The case stemmed from a local law passed in Highland Park, Illinois in… […]

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