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Category Archives: Expungements

How do I get something expunged off my record?

It is hard enough to secure a job or land a lease or even secure a financial aid package without a criminal record looming over your head, let alone trying to with a criminal record in your back pocket. It might have been a crime from years ago and one you have been doing your… […]

What Can an Expungement Do for Me?

If you have been arrested, charged or convicted of a crime in New Jersey, you have a criminal record outlining the illegal activity. Having a criminal record can make it extremely difficult to get a good job, obtain a loan such as a mortgage, get a landlord to rent you an apartment and more. Prospective… […]

How Soon Can I Get an Criminal Conviction Expunged in New Jersey?

New Jersey does permit people to file paperwork to get their criminal convictions expunged from their permanent records. The amount of time you must wait before filing for the expungement varies based on the type of offense you were convicted. In all cases, you must serve your penalty (jail time, license suspension, probation, etc.) before… […]

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