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Category Archives: Drunk Driving

Facebook Brag Lands Teen Driver In Jail

Social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and other various blogging platforms have changed the way(s) in which Americans interact and present themselves. The ability to instantly, and from almost anywhere, share one’s experiences and opinions has brought about a level of connectivity not only with family and friends but with the entire World Wide Web… […]

Federal Agency Wants New Jersey To Make Drunk Driving Law Harsher

People in New Jersey may have heard that the National Transportation Safety Board has asked all states to make it mandatory that even first-time drunk driving offenders be held responsible for their actions. The punishment that the federal agency is asking for is something more than just jail, fines or a suspension; the Board is… […]

New Jersey Drunk Driving Laws May Change After Supreme Court Ruling

The United States Supreme Court has announced that it will be deciding a case early next year that determines whether state laws that require drivers to submit to blood and breath tests when officers suspect them of driving under the influence are constitutional. In an effort to round up people suspected of drunk driving, many… […]

New Jersey Ignition Interlock Bill for All First-Time Offenders Pulled

A proposed law that would have required all New Jersey drivers convicted of drunk driving, including first-time offenders, to install an ignition interlock device in their cars was pulled from the legislative process just less than two weeks ago. Lawmakers said the bill needed to be revised so that it would be more effective. Under… […]

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