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Category Archives: Drunk Driving

Middlesex County Man Faces DWI Charge And More After Crash

The consequences of an allegation of drunk driving are not limited simply to the penalties that may follow if a conviction is obtained. The mere charging of the crime of driving under the influence has a way of triggering social reproaches, and they can begin even before any legal action is finalized. It’s always important… […]

Man Confesses To Drunk Driving Crash, Sentenced To 6 years

It is highly suggested that anyone in East Brunswick who is charged with causing a fatal drunk driving accident speak with a lawyer; these charges carry very serious punishments and it is important that only those who are truly guilty are convicted. Ultimately, however, it is up to each individual defendant to choose how they… […]

Do You Need To Do Research Before Going To A Bar?

It seems ridiculous to think that people in Hazlet may need to do research before going out to the bar, but with the increasing amount of alcohol in beers, wines and mixed drinks, it is harder for people to know whether they are safe to drive home. Everyone knows that anyone with a blood alcohol… […]

Man In Parked Car Arrested For Drunk Driving In New Jersey

The recent story of a 32-year-old man who was arrested in Mount Olive Township in Morris County is raising some questions about just what is considered drunk driving in New Jersey. What is odd about the arrest is that the man was in a stopped car and it does not appear that he was driving… […]

NFL Defensive Lineman Arrested For Drunk Driving Following Crash

Sports fans in Monmouth County may have heard that Jay Ratliff, a defensive lineman with the Cowboys, was recently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Although this could have been another story about a professional athlete drinking and driving, Ratliff’s case is especially interesting. What makes his situation so unique is that when a police… […]

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