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Category Archives: Drunk Driving

Know Your Rights In A DWI Stop? Don’t Expect Police To Tell You

Anyone who is arrested by the police is supposed to have their rights read to them. Everyone knows that, right? Indeed, the words of the Miranda warning — “You have the right to remain silent” — are probably so much a part of our culture today that they’re better known than the Pledge of Allegiance.… […]

Drunk Driving Laws Should Balance Rehabilitation With Penalties

Given its proximity to New York City and other locations in the Empire State, New Jersey drivers may find that they cross state lines on a fairly regular basis. However, if any travel plans include drinking, drivers should take extra care that they are under the legal limit of 0.08 percent. The reason for the… […]

Can You Tell What Your Blood Alcohol Is Without A Breath Test?

As we grow older, we tend to get to know our bodies better. We know that if we do certain exercises we will be sore the next morning. We know what will happen if we don’t get enough sleep. And we also become fairly good judges of how much alcohol it takes before we are… […]

Kerry Kennedy Successfully Acquitted On Drugged Driving Charge

The daughter of Robert F. Kennedy has been in the headlines the past 1 1/2 years following a car accident that happened in July 2012. The cause of the car accident appears to be that Kerry Kennedy was driving after taking an Ambien, a powerful sleep aid that knocked her out. Although it appears that… […]

Drivers Say Drunk Driving Survey Violated The Fourth Amendment

Most people in Monmouth County recognize that they have certain rights that the government can’t violate. Of course there are the rights that everyone knows, like the right to free speech or to the free exercise of religion, but the Fourth Amendment is just as important. The Fourth Amendment says that the government may not… […]

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