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Category Archives: Drug Charges

Federal Health Officials Call for Doctors to Take Steps to Prevent Prescription Painkiller Addictions

With prescription painkiller abuse being labeled an “epidemic” by U.S. health officials, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has taken the step of asking doctors to follow certain guidelines when prescribing opioids. More and more Americans are becoming addicted to painkillers as doctors increasingly prescribe opioids to people who have undergone surgery or… […]

Eric Holder, Former United States Attorney General, Discusses Marijuana Legalization

Eric Holder, the former U.S. Attorney General, recently discussed the idea of legalizing marijuana possession and marijuana use. Although marijuana possession has been decriminalized in a number of states in recent years, the federal government still outlaws the drug. Now many advocates of drug legalization are pushing for pot to be legalized in all 50… […]

NJ State Police Lab Tech Accused of Faking Evidence in Drug Case

NJ authorities are extremely concerned about the potential implications of a recent revelation that a New Jersey State Police lab technician faked evidence analysis in a drug case. The end result of this investigation could be that thousands of criminal convictions in courts across New Jersey could wind up being overturned. Kamalkant Shah was a… […]

More Young People Are Abusing Adderall

Adderall, a prescription drug that is supposed to be used primarily to treat attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among young people, is being abused by more students than ever, according to a study released by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The study shows that there were an alarming number of Adderall overdoses, and… […]

Small Community in New Jersey Dealing with Heroin Epidemic

Williamstown NJ has been hit with a crippling heroin epidemic, resulting in a heroin overdose death rate that is nearly 25 times higher than the national average. Although the small, unincorporated community in Monroe Township, New Jersey has a population of just over 15,000 people, the area’s drug problem has resulted in many overdoses and… […]

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