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Category Archives: Drug Charges

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge to Colorado’s Marijuana Legalization Laws

The US Supreme Court recently declined to hear a case that would have challenged the legality of the law allowing for recreational marijuana use in Colorado. The plaintiffs in the case were Nebraska and Oklahoma, with officials from both states looking to invalidate Colorado’s marijuana legalization laws because, they claim, marijuana is flowing into Colorado’s… […]

Powerful Prescription Drug Fentanyl Poses Serious Health Risks

Law enforcement, prosecutors and lawmakers in New Jersey, New York and elsewhere face a new obstacle in the battle against prescription drug abuse. According to a recent statement issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the use of fentanyl is contributing to the rise in drug overdose deaths throughout the United States. Fentanyl is an… […]

Americans Say More Needs to Be Done to Combat Drug Abuse

A recent poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research makes it clear that not many Americans believe that their local leaders and law enforcement are doing enough to prevent substance abuse and addiction. The AP-NORC poll used AmeriSpeak to survey 1,042 American adults. AmeriSpeak is a scientifically rigorous, panel-based research platform… […]

FDA Requires “Black Box” Warning about Painkiller Abuse

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that it will now require makers of immediate-release opioid painkillers to include a “black box” warning about the health risks associated with their products. The warning has been deemed necessary in the wake of numerous reports of prescription drug overdoses across the country. Painkillers like oxycodone… […]

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