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Category Archives: Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Is Not Always As Black And White As It Seems

If someone is talking about domestic violence, what do you picture? Most people, men included, tend to think of a man assaulting a wife or girlfriend. Of course, this kind of domestic violence does happen, but there are also cases of women assaulting their male or female partners and men assaulting their male partners, too.… […]

Pro Athlete, Wife Face Domestic Assault Charges In New Jersey

At times, romantic relationships can be tumultuous and difficult to navigate. When two people are entangled in a verbal argument, it’s not hard to see how things could escalate. Otherwise calm and collected people could act in the heat of the moment. The unfortunate reality is that domestic violence charges can emerge from this type… […]

Judge Uses Unfounded Allegations Against New Jersey Man In Court

When someone is charged with a crime, he or she must typically make an appearance in court to have bail set. While many individuals are given reasonable bail or are released on their own recognizance, sometimes bail is set unreasonably high. Generally, a judge will set a high bail if the individual is a flight… […]

Woman Charged With Assault For Squirting Boyfriend With Water

Domestic violence is not a laughing matter and for those men and women who are truly in violent relationships, it is important to hear their stories, but that does not mean that every single fight between partners is domestic violence. To hear why one woman was arrested and charged with domestic violence and simple battery… […]

New Jersey Man Arrested For Domestic Violence Says It Was Defense

Earlier this week, a Clinton Township man was arrested after he said that he punched his girlfriend in self-defense. The New Jersey man was taken to Hunterdon County Jail and charged with domestic violence and simple assault. While New Jersey police officers have a duty to protect citizens, they must also make sure that they… […]

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