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Category Archives: Domestic Violence

Amber Heard Files for Divorce, Seeks Restraining Order against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard, the Hollywood actress who married Johnny Depp 15 months ago, recently obtained a restraining order against the mega-star. Depp allegedly assaulted Heard and caused serious physical injuries, prompting Heard to seek the restraining order and file for divorce in Los Angeles. When Heard arrived at a Los Angeles courtroom for the TRO hearing,… […]

What 14 Acts Are Prohibited Under State Domestic Violence Laws?

When many people think about domestic violence, they typically think of physical assaults between spouses or family members. While these types of altercations can certainly be grounds for criminal charges, they are not the only acts considered to be domestic violence. According to the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991, there are actually 14… […]

Domestic Violence: Abuse Isn’t Always Just Physical

Abuse of any kind is a serious allegation in New Jersey; mistreating any person can result in damaging accusations and harsh penalties. However, these cases can be extremely complicated because they often involve at least two very different stories about what happened or did not happen. One way that domestic assault or abuse claims can… […]

Police Often Required To Make Arrests For Domestic Violence

People who are in close relationships with family members or significant others know all too well that these relationships are not always easy. People disagree, fight, break up and get mad; this can be all but impossible to avoid. Unfortunately, sometimes these altercations spiral out of control. When emotions are running high and people are… […]

Did prosecutors go soft in Ray Rice domestic violence case?

Domestic violence is one of those difficult legal issues. When such actions come to light, reaction at a societal level is generally one of outrage. That is understandable. But in the legal context there are often a lot more factors influencing how such matters are resolved. That doesn’t always settle well in the collective social… […]

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