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Category Archives: Criminal Defense

Amtrak Engineer Involved in 2015 Crash Won’t Face Criminal Charges

A May 12, 2015 crash of an Amtrak commuter train claimed eight lives and caused about 200 injuries when the engineer accelerated to 106 miles per hour on a 50 mile-per-hour curve. Nevertheless, the engineer will not face criminal charges, according to an article in the New Jersey Herald. Federal investigators determined that the engineer… […]

How is Disorderly Conduct Defined?

According to New Jersey law, disorderly conduct is regarded as a “breach of the peace,” and can occur in various situations and circumstances. You could face arrest and be charged with this crime by acting improperly or using language that is considered offensive. You will likely be arrested for disorderly conduct if you intentionally create… […]

How Do Plea Bargains Work?

The solution to most criminal cases occurs through plea bargains and guilty pleas. This is when a suspect agrees to admit to the commission of a specific crime, and the prosecution agrees to drop some of the charges against the suspect. Alternatively, the prosecution agrees to offer a more lenient sentence than that which the… […]

No Jail Time for Former Port Authority Chairman in Bribery Scheme

Prior Port Authority Chairman David Samson received a lenient sentence for his scheme to obtain more convenient United Airlines flights to his home in South Carolina. U.S. District Judge José Linares surprised federal prosecutors by issuing Mr. Samson a sentence of one year of confinement to his home, four years of probation and 3,600 hours… […]

Understanding How the Jury Selection Process Works

Under the Constitution, there is a guarantee to a right to trial by jury in criminal cases. The  jury has the responsibility of finding the facts of the case following a careful review and consideration of the evidence. The selection of the jury occurs in two parts. The initial step is referred to as random… […]

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