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Category Archives: Car Accidents

Can Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Prevent Car Accidents?

Some cars that are being built today are including safety systems that either alert the driver to a problem at hand, or can actually handle the problem, such as lightly braking when an obstacle is detected ahead. This vehicle-to-vehicle communication is seen as the next step into this world of safety. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Offers Protection… […]

Three-Car Crash Takes the Life of New Jersey Police Officer

A New Jersey police officer on his way to work was involved in a three-car crash in the early morning hours that resulted in several fatalities. A car from the westbound lanes crossed the median into traffic on the eastbound side of the road. This action caused the car to hit two additional cars. One… […]

What’s More Serious: Drugged Driving or Drunk Driving?

While you are certainly informed about the dangers of driving drunk, have you considered the dangers involved with drugged driving? Drugged driving is becoming even more of a common offense of drivers, and its consequences are serious. More Drugged Drivers On The Road Drugged drivers are impaired by illegal drugs, as well as prescription and… […]

Woman Dies After South Brunswick Car Accident

A woman that was involved in a two-car accident on Route 1 in South Brunswick has died from her injuries at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. The accident occurred May 11 at 9:10 p.m. on the north side of Route 1. A man thought to be in his late 60s was also severely injured… […]

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