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Category Archives: Car Accidents

6 Tips You Need To Know To Keep Your Family Safe In Holiday Traffic

If you have listened to the radio lately you know that the holiday season is in full swing. Another sure sign of the holidays is the increase in traffic due to people traveling to visit relatives and loved ones. While it is nice to know that everyone is traveling to spend time with each other,… […]

Accident Victim Suffering Permanent Back Pain Awarded $525,000

One 68-year-old gentleman’s life was changed forever when he was rear-ended at a stop light and pushed over twenty feet into an intersection. The gentleman’s vehicle was damaged, and he was severely injured in his neck and back. The victim described a neck injury that produced both numbness and shooting pains down his arms. According… […]

How do I choose a safe vehicle for the new driver in my family?

That time has finally come. Your youngest, possibly your only, child has reached the age where they are legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle. It definitely has been scary teaching him or her to drive but to see them obtain their New Jersey driver’s license is a mixed feeling of pride, joy, and anxiety.… […]

How Auto Accident Settlements Are Calculated

Auto accident settlements go far beyond the cost of the car (in terms of replacing it), and medical expenses. In fact, there can be plenty of other expenses that people can win over in court, simply from getting in a bad auto wreck. Normally, with a smaller accident, there is not much else to be… […]

Car Accidents That Result From Speeding

Speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The term “speeding” covers two different types of behavior: driving at rates above the posted speed limit, or driving too fast to control the vehicle given the current roadway conditions, such… […]

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