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Man High on Flakka Accused of Attacking Couple, Eating Victim’s Face

A frightening incident involving a drug-addicted college student allegedly attacking two people in Florida recently made national headlines after it was revealed that the suspect was high on flakka. According to law enforcement in Florida, the 19-year-old suspect got high on the designer drug and then violent attacked a couple. Afterwards, the suspect reportedly tried… […]

NJ Police Arrest 40 Men in Crackdown on Child Pornography

New Jersey law enforcement recently arrested 40 men after conducted a major bust on child pornography distribution. The arrests were made at the conclusion of a lengthy investigation that authorities referred to as “Operation Statewide.” Law enforcement cracked down on the circulation of pornographic images of minors after receiving numerous tips about sex crimes being… […]

FDA Approves New Drug to Treat Cocaine Addiction

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just gave the go-ahead for advanced studies on a new drug that can potentially be used to combat the effects of cocaine addiction. Dr. Ronald Crystal, the chairman of genetic medicine at Weill Cornell, has teamed with NewYork-Presbyterian to develop a vaccine that may work as antidote of… […]

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