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Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation for Home-Based Employees

As surprising as it may sound, there is actually a possibility for workers’ compensation for those who work at home. When people hear this, they often think it means that as long as they are employed from home and hurt on the job, they are automatically entitled to workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, this is untrue, and… […]

Pressing Charges Against Someone You Know

Pressing charges against someone you know is likely no different than pressing charges against a random person who commits a criminal act, other than the fact that it may feel a bit awkward knowing them. There are some cases, however, where you may not want to press charges against someone you know, as it could… […]

Examples of Illegally Obtained Evidence

To build a case against you, police and prosecutors need evidence. However, they aren’t free to do anything they wish when collecting that evidence. The Fourth Amendment, along with other rules, limits the ways in which law enforcement may obtain evidence—and if these rules are broken, the evidence may be thrown out of court altogether.… […]

Gun Purchases Are On the Rise in New Jersey

Gun sales in New Jersey are going up at a significant rate. According to the latest figures compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), gun background checks in NJ have risen by more than 40 percent since October 2015. (10,000 state residents applying for firearms identification cards in October 2016, as compared to 7,000… […]

Brick NJ Cop Dragged by Car as Driver Allegedly Tried to Flee Scene

A Brick Township police officer sustained significant injuries when a suspect allegedly resisted arrest and tried to drive off while the suspect was trying to unlock a car door. The scary incident occurred around 10:00 p.m. near the intersection of Harris Avenue and Burn Tavern Road in Brick Township, New Jersey. A sergeant with the… […]

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